Manual video surveillance is plagued by problems such as the inability to monitor numerous live feeds from surveillance cameras and the delay in reviewing hours of video footage to identify suspicious activities

Eyes Age automates these processes using Deep Learning techniques to create relationships between different objects and activities in a video frame. This equips video surveillance with Artificial Intelligence capabilities.

Want to be alerted in case of incidents or only search through video at the end of day? Need to make sense of a month’s video footage?

Eyes Age caters to all your video needs with the following suite.


Security & Surveillance

Receive real time alerts for restricted activities and incidents such as theft, assault or accidents to help first responders, ensure public safety, traffic surveillance, detect suspicious packages, safeguard goods & shipments at transport hubs, ensure perimeter security

Customer Analytics

Analyze customer behaviour, total footfall, waiting times, purchase patterns etc.

Smart Video Management Systems

Track attendance or grant access using face recognition, manage entry & exit of vehicles using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), keep count of attendees at venues using people counting

Manufacturing & Logistics

Stock keeping using object counting, detect factory anomalies, prevent critical failures