EYES AGE: AI Powered Video Content Analysis

Our signature product uses Deep Learning to empower video surveillance with AI capabilities. It creates visual relationships between objects in the video which allows for a logical analysis of video data. The Eyes Age suite consists of Eyes Age Search, Eyes Age Alerts and Eyes Age Analytics to help leverage video the way you want it.

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Security & Surveillance

Public Safety, Transport Security, Law enforcement, Perimeter Security, Critical Infrastructure, BFSI

Customer Analytics

Retail Chains, Malls, Commercial buildings, Events

Smart Video Management Systems

Management of Visitors, Vehicles, Queue, Venue

Manufacturing & Logistics

Warehouses, Distribution Centres, Production Plants, Critical facilities


We focus on excellence in Computer Vision & Natural Language Processing achieved by modern Deep Learning techniques.

Computer Vision

Choose from an array of services such as Face Recognition, Object Classification, Content-based Image Retrieval, People Counting, Visual Sorting, OCR, Video Analytics and more.

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Natural Language Processing

Our offerings include Sentiment Analysis, Chatbot Frameworks, Document Summarization, Image Captioning and Question Answering.

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